Professional BPI Certified Energy Audits

Get the Best Return On Your Insulation Investment
Saint Louis Energy Audits

Reduce Your Energy Bill by as Much as 30%

Professional energy audits or home energy assessments generally go into great detail in regards to your home's energy consumption. A BPI certified energy audit will help you pinpoint the areas of your home that are loosing energy and will make common sense recommendations on what you can do to save the most money. An energy audit will also help you prioritize your home's energy efficiency upgrades so that you can maximize your return on investment.

A  BPI certified insulation contractor will use special equipment such as a blower door and infrared camera to detect your homes energy loss. They will do a room by room assessment of the entire living space and provide you with a comprehensive report that outlines which energy efficiency upgrades are best for your home. A professional energy auditor will also:

  • Inspect the insulation in your attic

  • Check for major air leakage around your home

  • Check for signs of water or insect damage

  • Check your furnace for fuel leaks

  • Test your water heater's draft hood

  • Perform combustion testing on all fuel fired appliances

  • Inspect duct system and dryer ventilation

  • check for ventilation problems

A home energy assessment is the first step for the homeowner that is interested in saving money. It will help you lean how your home uses energy, figure out where your energy is being wasted and helps prioritize your efficiency upgrades. Using the results of your home energy audit to address your energy loss can help you save as much as 30% on you monthly utility bills. An energy audit is more affordable then one might think and should be conducted before any major home modifications are performed. To get started just click on the button below to find a certified energy auditor in your area.