How to Pick the Right Insulation Contractor

Avoid Shifty Contractors

Selecting the right insulation contractor can be a very daunting task. If you want to pick the right contractor then there are a few questions you should ask any potential candidate. 

# 1. Get Multiple Bids

Contact at least 3 insulation companies & compare their responsiveness. This is your home & you want to make sure that the contractor you choose is dependable and determined to see the project through.  

#2. Do your research & Ask for References. 

When it comes time to hire a your contractor, you'll want to do a little research on them first. Try to get a couple of references and ask them about their business history. You can search for complaints on the better business bureau, check with the state attorney general's office or read online reviews from other customers. If you talk to their other customers ask them about their experiences in dealing with the contractor and their satisfaction with the finished product. 

# 3 Ask for Proof of Insurance

Before hiring an insulation contractor you want to make sure that they have insurance to protect your home from damage. All legitimate companies will have liability insurance & workers compensation insurance.  

#4 Make Sure Your Contractor is BPI Certified

 Membership with a reputable professional association is very important. Verify that your installer has the training necessary to do the job right. On a similar note, find out if the contractor has ever declared bankruptcy or if anyone's ever taken legal action against him or her. Don't be afraid to ask for specifics, like how long they have been in business and under what names. You should also find out how a contractor's business is str

#5 Ask About Job Supervision & Using Sub Contractors 

It's important to ask your contractor about their plans for on handling site supervision and or the use of sub contractors.Your paying the contractor to make sure that the job get done right and it's important for you to make sure that they are have a plan in place to make sure your completely satisfied. If they do use subcontractors you will want to make sure that are also certified, licensed and insured. You want everyone that works on your home to be fully insured. 

#6 Get a Lien Waiver or Lien Release 

Did you know that a contractor or sub contractor can place a lien on your home until they are paid in full. That's another reason why its important to find out whether the contractor has their own crew or intends to have the job done by a bunch of subcontractors? A mechanics lien can be placed on your home if the subcontractors don't get paid, and they can sue you in court for their portion of the job.You can protect yourself by asking the contractor, subcontractors and suppliers for lien releases or lien waiver once any payment is made. 

# 7 Get a Fixed Start Date & Completion Date

Before you sign anything, you should ask your contractor if they can provide you with a fixed start date and a completion date. You don't want to have any surprises so make sure they plan on doing the job when you expect it done. These dates should be included in the formal written agreement, along with a timetable of the work that'll be done and a material list of everything that'll be needed. It's also smart to address how change orders will affect the project. 

# 8 Get It All in Writing

Without proper communication  and documentation your insulation project might go from being a dream come true to a disaster waiting to happen. it's a good general rule of thumb to hold off signing a contract until it includes everything you want -- and that you understand all the terms and conditions. 

# 9 Get a Guarantee

Make sure the contractor guarantees he or she will complete all the necessary homework and obtain all the required approvals during the process. Without this precaution, some contractors might sweep under the rug any number of matters ranging from building permits to Homeowner's Association bylaws, and you could find yourself uncovering a huge legal mess the minute the door closes behind them.

# 10 Never Pay for Services Up Front

You should never pay any contractor until you are completely satisfied. Be leery of contractors that ask you for prepayment or a deposit.